For the new sale we have moved to a new token contract (0x9e88613418cf03dca54d6a2cf6ad934a78c7a17a) from the old token contract (0xc3cb5d41c2f79c2f4f33a5d8a6de72d0d87b1db3). All of the previous amounts were moved to the new token contract as well as any recent token swaps.

During the period of transition there were some cases of people who already had allocated tokens seeing dual entries on both. Once the old contract is removed this will no longer be the case.

Current live smart contracts can be seen at the following here.

The labels for the token address will need to be updated across Parity, Etherscan, MyEtherWallet and other wallets and will read SWM.

Please chat with us about any questions on Telegram.