Whether we like it or not, pretty much everyone in the world lives under the shadow both of the American led monetary system and the global projection of power by the world’s largest military.

Whether or not this was an ideal situation given the varied wars that happened this past century, there are several trends that are extremely disturbing:

  1. The unchecked growth of the military-industrial complex and the increasing sense that wars are engaged in for the sense of profiteering. This was noted as a key threat to the concept of democratic systems by president Eisenhower in the 50s and has not been rolled back in any significant way.
  2. The lack of any divergence between the standard platforms of the two major political parties on key issues, including campaign finance, Wall St., and imperial wars.
  3. The embrace of identity politics that highly favor galvanization over ethnic lines (or presumed pan-egalitarianism) without meaningful discussion over relevant issues.
  4. The choking off of any viable third party both via media black outs, gerrymandering, and party politics.
  5. The extent to which conversation is increasingly driven by soundbites, controversy, and ‘dumb and dumber’ dynamics.
  6. Government spending which is out of control and goes to the least efficient way of getting certain outcomes.
  7. The constant wartime mentality, including justification of censorship against anyone who disagrees with any core tenants of the positions held by the two major parties. It is highly likely this will escalate to violence.
  8. The pretense of democracy is increasingly thrown away as the executive branch grants itself new powers

All of these make me convinced that an exit is necessary from the predominant geopolitical infrastructure from anyone who values their wits.

Consequently, all of my current efforts go to designing a sufficiently robust framework for global governance that can adequately represent the will of the people.

Initial notes are available to those in the Swarm network.