Last year was the year of AppCoin. Numerous projects were started to capitalize on the supposed opportunity. As the last of them today announced that they were eaten by zombies and are closing their doors, what can we learn about how to survive the so-called “AppCoin Apocalypse” ? Learn from us, the DAO that can never stop going round and round.

First find a base

Like all good superheroes, the first thing we did was setup a hideout. For some reason when there is a zombie sighting many people seem to cluster together in well-lit homes. No no no, go where the zombies won’t look for you! In our case we setup a nest, something that has great precedents in the early 20th century Wandervogel movement, Stranger in a Strange land, and all sorts of other esoteric literature.

Know that Zombies are coming

Swarm economics predates “Swarm” by a couple decades. In short, it is an proposed scientific model for economics focused on experimentation which focuses on measurable outcomes, especially regarding the success of overall ecosystem. One of the findings of this, based on a related field called “Swarm intelligence” is that you may need a combination of quantitative and qualitative incentives to make a proper swarm. Check out this dope article for an accessible presentation by one of our favorite Swarm agents.

If that’s complicated to you, the short version is that financial incentives shouldn’t be the primary incentive for a Swarm. That’s why we’ve always prioritized the other incentives that will keep the swarm together for a long term.
Those who are in it for the money are the first to scatter when the zombies come.

Go underground

One particularly amusing or macabre element is that Swarm founder Joel Dietz successfully summarized many of the related issues with regard to the “crowdsale” model long before they became mainstream issues.

Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding: Problems and Poten… — Evergreen Thoughts — Quora
Bitcoin crowdfunding: Naval and Fred step up to bat, Cryptocurrency crowdfunding has a lot of potential. It’s…

Among other things, proposed was a more pure DAO model with multisig support, programmatically bound community voting, and founder locks. The problem at the time of the Swarm crowdsale, among other things, was that these features did not exist, nor could they be built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Get ready to turn out the lights

One benefit we had of the contraction was seeing it before everyone else. The Bitcoin price pinch, the slew of projects without any obvious value, we got all of that in spades.

So we started slashing costs and making everything sustainable at near zero cost. That means that everything that Swarm is doing can go on indefinitely, as long as it takes to make it successful.

Sometimes disaster preparedness pays off.

Play the waiting game

Well, if you can’t build what you want when you want, sometimes you‘ve got to wait. The first equity crowdfunding platform took over 18 months to clear regulator approval even with favorable regulations. The Bitcoin market was stagnant. Ethereum took awhile to get to frontier.
What to do? Hope you made everything financially sustainable. Thankfully we did 🙂

Learn to fly at night

For most humans, they need to see what’s coming next in order to react and anticipate and plan.

How do bats flock at night? 1000 SWARM to the best answer via Swarmbot

However, there are lots of other ways of coordinating beyond our usual rational and ocular methods.

Swarm is helping people learn them because, among other things, they are really helpful when you are surrounded by zombies.

Bootstrap your own undead army

Aragorn summons an undead army to kick some Orc ass

Guess what is really hard to kill? People who are already dead. Not coincidentally, they don’t seem to care about life all that much so they make better fighters.

Probably that’s when people start to really kick ass — when they start to think of their life as a fluid connected stream that flows through various lifetimes, rather than a competition for the most toys in their closet when they die.

Dragons, no longer just for Mordor

Trogdor, around for when times really get bad

Admittedly, most people don’t seem to know much about breeding dragons. But it’s always handy to have at least one around. And you really don’t want to mess with someone who has one.

Sadly most of the Lord of the Rings were old and seemingly unhappy. But every once and awhile it’s not bad to Berninate.

Go on the offense

1-4xeEi4F3yuu_BktKJ7XJNg-1 Epicenter of the East Coast Swarm.

I’ll be in New York this weekend to check out one of our early and awesome projects, Coinspace. Like us, they started with community and haven’t stopped building on that vision.

What’s next? Imagine Éowyn riding a dragon as she flies with a blazing lance right into Sauron’s eye. One of our cool super weapons is the peer to peer production license we’ve been working on for quite awhile.

Oh yeah, at Swarm we have a slogan. #goEpicOrGoHome We plan to stay true to that.🙂