Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven. Doing what has never been done before is incredibly risky. Sometimes you try to copy other existing models. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Today Swarm has released its social contract. It illustrates why Swarm has partnered with Citizen Code to build new infrastructure that implements “Civilization 2.0” As Citizen Code co-founder Noah Thorp elegantly stated, what we are doing today has massive civilizational implications.

We believe new Swarms should operate with a constitutional model. It has community ownership, input and transparency by default, rather than a custom add on. Everything is distributed by design.

Very often people internal and external thought of Swarm as distributed organization or a startup. There are benefits to these vantage points, but they failed to understand what the Swarm actually is.

Swarm is the future of governance. Voluntary governance, built from the bottom up with the consent of the governed.

distributed-governance — Evolving governance via the

So is Swarm a startup?

Not really. We believe that projects that we engage with and help incubate need to happen in organic time. This means developing core capacities in empathy and honesty in addition to business value. That may not be a core business value, but it is a core civilizational one.

We get business. In fact, we are advising many large businesses on how they can get a competitive advantage with swarm intelligence. But if you add on a Swarm, you may become more than a business. You can inspire people by engaging the human spirit. We believe this is the future of marketing, and that brands which fail to adopt this will fail to thrive.


The primary failings of the Swarm have been in thinking too small. There’s really no incubator that can fit in the Swarm. Co-founder Joel Dietz writes his own hip-hop and thinks of himself as Kanye of Crypto. Co-founder Jef Cavens calls himself a Greek God. The Love Nest in Palo Alto is also increasingly home to its own pantheon of mythical winged creatures.

It’s aliveeeeeee

You thought skeletons are dead? Read Ezekiel bro. When you walk through a desert, sometimes you need heavenly help to get to the other side. That’s Manna, our first project to go out and get external funding.


The first Swarm is now fully autonomous and community run. Swarm founder Joel Dietz was even openly corrected by the Swarm delegates in a council meeting this morning. There is a complete history of all of our minutes here.

It’s with this in mind that we’ve decided to do the first distribution of Swarm Basic Income. Because our goal is to do something more than simply walk alone.

It is to establish the blueprint of a new civilization in which freedom is no longer optional.

What you are witnessing today is the re-birth of voluntary governance, brought to you by the Blockchain.

It is to teach people to not simply walk, but to fly.

That’s what a Swarm is.

Take off

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