The Swarm vision

Around the announcement of Ethereum in January, a few world wanderers from the cryptounderground began brainstorming what it would take to expand the reach of new decentralized technology that could increase human freedom in the face of growing totalitarian tendencies.

We came up with the Swarm, a network specifically designed to fund revolutions, with unique incentive structures for distributing risk and share reward.

After raising $1mm via a crypto crowdsale and setting up basic infrastructure, we started to clarify our vision. Exactly sort of projects did we want to fund?

Through this process we engaged experts across the collaborative and crypto landscape to find out where there was the greatest need.

What we found was ten core areas that we believe will radically reshape the nature of society, creating continual revolutions that never allow the stuffy status quo of current centralized political and financial networks.

These core areas are:

  • Bulletproof censor-resistant media
  • Distributed reputational systems
  • Networks with collaboratively owned intellectual property
  • Liquid democracy and futarchy implementations
  • Trustless datafeeds (i.e. SchellingCoin)
  • APIs that extend distributed functionality into ordinary activity
  • Distributed bounty systems
  • Bridging technologies between Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain
  • Incentivized social networks for specific use cases
  • Education that introduces smart people to smart contracts

Are you building something along these lines? You might think of joining us.