Coindesk today reports that we are dead. Perfect timing, since we just announced an entirely new governance model. As we reported recently, the best way to not die is to be undead. Death and rebirth, it’s a beautiful circle after all.

A New Working Constitution Emerges to Codify a “Liquid Holacracy” Governance Model

Bitnation in Partnership with Swarm is developing a proto-constitution, or what it referred to as a holonic contract to…

Last week we jointly released a new governance model explicitly modeled on the idea of a “holon.” Interestingly enough, the the holon principle was jointly imagined with the early core Ethereum team and involved networks of autonomous co-living places.

The emergent governance from these holons would presumably be more decentralized and robust than any comparable network. Among other things, it would be rooted in a sense of space and account for various factors that are neglected in other governmental frameworks (which frequently maximize for profit in the short term).

Anyone who has lived in deep relationship with nature knows that things happen on certain set cycles and that you cannot, “Pull the sprout to help it grow” as the Chinese proverb says.

In our own context we’ve gone through three distinct phases:

  1. Startup-like structure supported by cryptoequity
  2. Distributed Collaborative Organization run by community delegates
  3. Holonic structure that represents a more general contract language and networking protocol

The faster we evolve, the farther we are away from existing economic structures. Which is probably why Coindesk is confused. But why the Economist got it and why were so excited to see real living swarms over Somerset.

The Second Wave of Blockchain Innovation

The first wave was simply currency. The second wave is full economic

Even what we mean by “government” is in question. People are used to thinking of government as an institution supported by taxes that enforces a monopoly on violence. But what if the future of governance itself was an emergent property of collective preference?

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited about our new partnerships and current reVolution. As Zarathustra said, “All the future bites the past in the ass.”
That’s why we keep rollin’


“Thus Spake Zarathustra” – 4 metre tall sculpture in bronze. Commissioned by the Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Sculpture Fund…