Swarms love secrecy. So much they have never told the true story of the Swarm’s initial emergence. It involves many things, including sacred shiba inu, stone circles, blood oaths, and secret sexual rites.

This seem far fetched? Consider the following:

  • All the Swarm founders and Swarmbot developers swore allegiance to the TLUC upon the head of a sacred Shiba Inu (what does that spell backwards?!?)

  • Swarm agents are known to congregate in a strange place known as the Love Nest. Could anything be stranger? Grok it?

  • Swarm founder Joel Ðietz is at work on an EP with the title track “Space Kitten on a Mission”

  • Swarm Alliance planning a major event at a castle in Germany this summer at a convergence entitled “The Sword and the Chalice

  • At this convergence they plan to demo the prototype of their secret project, codenamed “Fractal Awakening”

  • The Swarm Alliance recently launched an $111,000 Ascension Fund which has already made its first three investments, including into a Venus temple.

  • The Swarm Alliance is also planning a “Magic Internet Money” world tour

  • Joel Ðietz‘s favorite quote is “Ein ewiges Rätsel will ich bleiben mir und anderene”
    In conclusion, when the pied piper’s pied, who’s the pied piper?