To improve security measures during the token sale, Swarm will be implementing a number of measures and is taking this opportunity to formally inform you. The token sale starts Sept 7th 16:00 UTC.

Because of the number of attacks on different blockchain based project’s Slack channels we have decided to move all questions to Telegram for the duration of the token sale (Sept 7th – Sept 22nd)

  • There are only 2 places to participate in the token sale
    The only place you should refer to for any information regarding the Ethereum smart contract is under this url: and if purchasing with other currencies (BTC/XBT, CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, DKK and SGD) please refer to this url:
  • Twitter is our main means of communication during the token sale
    Please refer to Twitter as the only source to validate announcements during the token sale.
  • Telegram will still be available
  • Practice safe internet

There are a lot of vectors of attack out there so make sure you’re doing as much as possible to be safe on the internet. Layering security measures is always the best approach!

We’re very excited to kick off the token sale! Join us to become a part of the swarm!