Swarm Fund has extended the pre-sale period and will open the SWM public token sale from October 21 to October 27. We came to this decision after conferring with our legal and institutional partners, and realizing we needed additional time to accommodate the shifting regulatory landscape.

On September 7th Swarm briefly opened a public sale and then switched to an ambassador-only pre-sale. Refunds were given to any unsatisfied participants in the short public sale, which were taken up by 5.3 percent of all crowdsale transactions, representing $75K. Since then, additional pre-sale funds of $2.5M for a total of $4.7M have been committed to date.

We chose this revised schedule in light of the following:

  1. Continued Token Swap: To accommodate Swarm token holders who were unable to participate in our token swap; particularly since Poloniex has now agreed to allow holders of Swarm 1.0 tokens to transfer them off their platform. More information to be released shortly.

  2. Asia: In consideration of investors in Asia who have requested more time to participate in the sale as they navigate the regulatory situations across the region.

  3. US Investor Accreditation: As we want to be as inclusive to the investor community while legally compliant, we are using the additional time to make the process as simple as possible for US-based investors to navigate any accreditation hurdles to participation. More information to be released shortly.

  4. Community Involvement: We have received ample feedback on the liquidity release feature of the SWM Token. Since we are building Swarm as a platform based on community participation, and are launching with a product that puts decisions in the hands of the Swarm community, we are taking this time to incorporate relevant suggestions that will improve all aspects of this offering. As we close the sale, our liquid democracy platform will be operational with the Swarm Token holder community voting to decide on the liquidity schedule, as well as the appointment of board members.

We believe this new process and timeplan gives the community the best access and time to participate, while simultaneously providing us with the opportunity to do this in a much more safe and compliant way, via auditing all steps of the process. Within this new procedure and time schedule, we are able to continue with the pre-established token pricing curve, while holding true to the initially promised first token liquidity (moved by three days to November 6th).

As part of our roadshow, we have traveled to Los Angeles and New York City, as well as six other countries over the past week. The reception has been extremely positive from the institutional finance world, private wealth management and others in the broader financial community.

We strive for transparency in our processes, and are equally committed to deliver real value from day one, particularly in the current, and dynamic landscape. When the first liquid democracy vote goes live on 10/31, Swarm Token holders will be asked to participate in their first voting process, in order to appoint the Board and the go forward liquidity schedule for Swarm Tokens. This indoctrinates them as a part of liquid democracy, engaging all Swarm members directly in deciding the future of the platform.

We are very excited about the overall community’s enthusiasm for this project, and the positive feedback we are receiving. It’s truly helping us shape this venture and ensures it evolves in the best possible way.

Official time schedule for the sales process:

  • Pre-sale will continue until 10/18 23:00 UTC
  • Swarm public sale opens 10/21 14:00 UTC and closes 10/27 23:00 UTC
  • Liquid democracy voting on Board selection and Swarm Token liquidity release begins 10/30 14:00 UTC until 11/3 23:00 UTC
  • First liquidity release for token tradability 11/6 15:00 UTC