Fintech Finance — Introduces Liquid Democracy Self-Governance Structure,
Provides Ownership to Crypto Token Holders

Swarm Fund detailed the compliance-oriented structure of its initial coin offering today, slated to run from September 7 through September 22, 2017.

Founded by cryptocurrency pioneer Joel Dietz, serial entrepreneur Philipp Pieper and fintech investor Timo Lehes, Swarm Fund was developed under a compliance-oriented model to actively interface with the shifting regulatory environment facing cryptocurrency startups around the world today.

Swarm Fund’s operating model is based on the recommendations from Distributed Networks and the Law, the seminal academic paper on the intersection of blockchain technologies and regulatory compliance. Produced by the Harvard Berkman Center in 2014, the paper was the result of numerous contributors in the blockchain and regulatory fields, including Dietz.

“We’ve put in the legal legwork over the past three years to make sure we were a part of the discussion around regulation, versus trying to fight it,” says Dietz, who notes that this purposefully thought-out legal structure is particularly important in the context of China’s decision this week to ban ICOs in that country. “As people realize that they can’t just blissfully ignore the regulatory environment, it provides a great opening for projects like Swarm Fund, which has been deliberately designed to engage regulators,” Dietz says.

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