We’ve noticed in the DAO forum among other places people looking for independent reviews of proposals to the DAO. So we decided to provide it.

Effectively immediately the Decentralized Autonomous Society is forming a team of people who will be reviewing DAOs (including proposals to the DAO). Join us in Slack or our physical meetup and be part of the review process.

Next physical meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Decentralized-Autonomous-Society-Meetup-Palo-Alto/

Initial categories of review will be:

  1. Idea — is the idea compelling? Does it make sense
  2. Economics — Do the economics of the token or other offering support an ROI?
  3. Team — is the assembled team capable?
  4. Market boost — Is this project likely to increase the value of any associated asset (e.g. DAO tokens or Ether) ? This could be for marketing or structural
  5. Accountability — Are the correct accountability structures in place for long-term success?

We are hoping to structure this into a strength index that potentially can be automated at some point and make specific predictions regarding the potential of any project based on the collective intelligence of our review team.

We are not planning to include any economic incentive for reviewers at the start nor to ask “the DAO” for funding. That said, structured economic incentives will probably be necessary for long term success and we will consider this as our review team is established.

For what it’s worth SWARM previously managed a team of 20+ reviewers that exhaustively processed 100+ applications, many of which were proto-DAOs. Some of the learning we did around this is expressed in this article. In general we remain optimistic about the long-term potential of DAOs while realizing that that field is still in an early stage of development.

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