Capitalism to consensus

Today the Swarm launches the first basic income program. Join now and participate in a network of abundance designed to replace those broken hierarchical systems which are only holding us back.

Natural Dynamics as a Force for Good

With many forms of capitalism, the state is seen as merely another actor that seeks to extract as much value as possible from the populace. This is often compounded by the idea that all value can be reduced to numbers, meaning that people’s lives are perceived as nothing more than a string of calculations.

At the same time, a science of complex systems and ecology has emerged that points towards a set of natural dynamics. Dynamics we might employ for the betterment of everybody. Dynamics which can form the basis of organic networks that are resilient in character and able to exist independently of the market’s every whim.

It’s these same network effects that Swarm is now committed to bringing forth.

A Flat World

Many types of organizations adopt a naturally hierarchical or pyramidal structure. This means that people aspire to the very top so they can extract value from those underneath them. In contrast, many of the disruptive innovators driving change today have employed flat structures, allowing anyone to involve themselves in these collective efforts. Because the barriers to entry are either low or non-existent, people are able to prosper based on their actual contributions and not their existing social status.

Circle of Abundance?

Despite its prevalence in the tech world, this structural paradigm has hardly effected the financial bottom line. If companies like Facebook benefit their investors and employees immensely, they have yet to award their users with anything like the same generosity, even if they do form the platform’s backbone.

Out of all the available solutions, Bitcoin is the one technology which shows the most promise in shaking up the existing financial order, arranging the exchange of value in a more fluid and impartial way. At the heart of this technology lies a usage of hardware known as “mining”.

By employing this same technology, and coupling it with an ethical mindset, Swarm intends to create a fairer world, free from institutional bias, driven by human activity, and open to one and all.

Basic Income

Basic income is a way of distributing value to everyone within a specific network. In the Swarm context, it’s based primarily on the idea that contributions to any one project will be rewarded intelligently and faithfully and reflect the input an individual makes.

In a Swarm, all types of activity are rewarded, benefiting each person inside the network. In this way Swarm, as an overall concept, becomes a dynamic method for promoting and incentivizing collective actions of all kinds.
Unlike previous hierarchical models, all the parts are voluntary. Both contributions and distributions issue from an understanding on both sides that it’s better to be part of a collaborative network than “go it alone.” That’s why we begin with a pledge and a value statement which precedes any financial calculation.

Reaching Global Consensus

Dynamically evolving consensus systems are more robust and engaging than existing organizational structures. This suggests that they’re likely to evolve and replace the tired old models in due course.

We are pioneering this way with our own Swarm, the world’s first distributed collaborative organization hosted on the blockchain. If you want to live in a more collaborative future, join our basic income program at

It’s time for the circle to be made complete.

A Swarm is coming

Basic Income