Ground control to government 1.0?

It seems that in many ways we displayed some naiveté in assuming that current government structures would be more helpful. Although in the UK we were given a direct line to talk with government officials who often provided extremely helpful advice, within the US we have, despite with academic engagement, still been unable to work through the bureaucracy and establish anything legal that could be called a “true sharing economy.”

These realizations have often caused me to become more radical in my own political views. I currently believe that a greater sea change in the current political structure of the United States is necessary. The current climate is setup to benefit the establishment, not the people.

Don’t simply accept the stack you are dealt

In general the Swarm philosophy requires not adherence to a single “chain to rule them all,” but a multiplicity of chains that are as complex as the web of life. In starting with design and being dependent on two other layers (Bitcoin and Counterparty), we faced all of the problems inherent with the design principles of those systems, especially the short-term speculative element.

At the moment, we are transitioning to be truly full stack. In one sense, this means working with people’s core motivations and building the technology that reflects the maximum possibilities. Unfortunately, some of the middle layers that currently exist are stuck in old mentalities that are slowing down the progress of our implementation.

In this phase, have what we need to move forward and build a full solution. One awesome element of this is that I’ve personally had time to get hands on in the build out. Follow me on github to see what is “fractastical” about emergent systems.

Don’t neglect basic economics

Don’t neglect the X factor

In the academic circles from which I come, many people work tirelessly for years to pursue some private research agenda which, at long last, may emerge to have some benefit to society. Many of the great discoveries of science, including the cures to many diseases, have emerged in such a way.

But in the business world people are used to looking at shorter term outcomes, usually that result in some personal success. If you are in that world, you can’t afford to neglect the motivations of people who are looking for more near term reward. Realize and be honest about expectations and outcomes.

Birds needs wings

Seen a mumuration? These birds got wings! We’ve done a lot of research into swarm intelligence. One shocking result is that you need wings to move fast and in sync.

Guess what the best way of getting wings is? Empathy. Simply reacting against the current system only gets you half way over the chasm.

Internalizing and increasing empathy is something we’ve increasingly been able to do within the context of the Love Nest. That’s why we host yoga classes, meditation, meetups, and weekly plant-powered potlucks.

Underevaluating potential

What if the future of government was empowered by individual autonomy, embedded transparency, and incredible empathy? What if a greater degree of global consciousness is combining with evolution of blockchain systems

to take us towards this goal?

As a prophet once said, “love is stronger than death.” Watch and see what happens when the Swarm birds start to take flight. Instagram photos included. 🙂