As the DAO space heats up lots of interesting stuff coming together, especially around the idea of decentralized governance.

Ethercasts is back with lots of DAO related news (including Nick Szabo this week at the Ethereum Silicon Valley meetup):

Decentralized Autonomous Society makes its first public appearance:
Decentralized Web Summit Meetup – June 9 – Day 3 : Internet Archive : Free Download & Streaming …
Topics decentralized web summit, internet archive, lightning rounds, Brian Warner, Stefan Thomas, Natalie Meyers, Juan…

Ralph Merkle presents this week in Palo Alto on DAO democracy

DAO Democracy by Ralph Merkle
We call this new form of democracy a DAO

And the first ever self-organizing hackathon with the goal of creating a nomic DAO.

Self-organizing hackathon
Inspired by nomic games ( we aspire to create a Nomic DAO hosted on Ethereum. The…

What more could you ask for?