Description: Holacracy is a bottom up paradigm that focuses on “circles.”
Pros: Empowers individuals. Destructures org charts.
Cons: Difficult to get started with. No budgeting.

Self Organization Constitution

Description: Lightweight version of Holacracy
Pros: Easy to get started with. Gives people control over the evolution of the organization.
Cons: Probably can’t scale past ~20 people. See also Github issues.

Teal Organization

Description: Organization focused on self-organization and self-management, structured for optimal fluidity.
Pros: Called “the highest evolved organization”
Cons: Not a lot of examples. Removes structure and it’s not clear how many people can be productive in a highly unstructured environment.

Distributed Collaborative Organization

Description: Blockchain powered organizational model where individuals pool money and collaboratively engage in governance.
Pros: Low level of start cost. Useful for concerns you wouldn’t usually create a company for (i.e. managing a google group).
Cons: Usability is an issue. May exist outside current regulatory framework.

What is Swarmbot doing? It’s bringing a lightweight version of a blockchain organization to a slack channel near you.